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LJ Anime and Video Game MOOD THEMES!

Anime and Video Game mood themes
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Hello and welcome!

This community is for people who want to post anime and/or video game mood themes for others to use!


1. Requests are ONLY to be made in this post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/animegamesmoods/429.html
This community is for the sole posting of completed mood themes and tutorials.

2. Do not direct link to any of the mood theme graphics. If in need of web space, Photobucket offers free accounts.

3. If a mood theme contributor/creator requests credit, please give them credit when using their theme. It can take a very long time to hunt down pictures, resize them and make them into themes, so please be gracious and give the creator some credit.

4. Linking to Anime Games Moods is much appreciated. If you use one of the moods listed here, please consider taking a moment to link to us.

5. Please do not post off topic discussions, quiz results, petitions, requests(outside the assigned post), community promotions, advertisements or anything that is not a completed mood theme that you have created. All off topic posts will be deleted.

6. Please post only one mood in a post. This makes is a lot easier to add to the Memories. You may post back to back posts if you have more than one mood you want to share.

7. Please put the title of the mood in the subject line, and nothing else. Again, this aids tremendously in organizing the Memories.

Moderater: rainecloud

*Rules loveingly stolen from mood_mania<3*